Pictorial History – School of Surveying, UNSW: 1957 - 2007

Coordinator: Dr. J. M. Rüeger

(For higher resolution, see 1961-02-01 in Final Photo Gallery)

To commemorate the 50 years of the School of Surveying and Spatial Information Systems at UNSW, the School decided to make some of its archival photos accessible to past and present students and staff, and the community at large. Priority was given to photos of general interest that document the development and the history of the School and the past and present staff and students.

Photos are mounted under the heading PHOTO GALLERY. Some of the photos are edited and commented on (in a caption). Movie and sound clips can be found in the MOVIE GALLERY. The photos were reduced to about A4 at 150 dpi. The movies were compressed (MPEG-4 and QuickTime formats) for downloading over the internet.

From 1978 to about 1993, most 'official' photographs of the School were taken by the resident photographer, Russell M. Bastock. Before 1978, Mr Lyn Jeffrey acted in that role. Unless otherwise stated, the photos on this web page dating from the respective periods were (most likely) taken by these two members of staff.

Most on the archive photos were scanned between December 2006 and March 2007. If not stated otherwise, the scanning was carried out by the following postgraduate students: Hsing-Chung (Michael) Chang, Anthony Mark Cole, Weidong (John) Ding, You-Heng (Henry) Hu, Muhammad Usman Iqbal, Alex Hay-Man Ng, Hong Joo Park, Sana Ullah Qaisar, Fabrizio Tappero, Jianguo (Jack) Wang, Jinghui Wu, Jung Hum Yu, Han (Gary) Ouyang under the guidance of Dr. Yincai Zhou (Professional Officer). The photo galleries of the individual pgotop series were generated by Dr. Yincai Zhou (Professional Officer) using the (Swedish) freeware web photo album generator jAlbum 6.4 (http://jalbum.net).

(For higher resolution, see 1980-14-11 in the Photo Gallery)

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PHOTO GALLERY: The visitors of this photo gallery are encouraged to comment on the content of photos that carry no captions and to let us know any errors in (and/or omissions from) the captions of the edited photos. The names of the persons shown in photos and the dates of photos are of particular interest. All photos carry a unique number, which should be given in all correspondence.

MOVIE AND SOUND GALLERY: The viewers of the movie gallery are encouraged to comment on the content of the movie clips (if missing in the description or in the running commentary of the movie). The names of persons and the localities of the 'shoots' are of particular interest. The title of the movie concerned should be mentioned in all correspondence.

NEW MATERIAL-PHOTOS: Past students and staff may wish to contribute to this pictorial history by submitting some photos of their time at UNSW. We can process b/w and colour negatives, colour positives (and slides with no glass plates). Ideally, we would like to receive the pictures in electronic form (on CD). Photos 19 x 27 cm should be scanned with a resolution of 150 dpi, saved in jpg format (highest quality). Photos 9 x 13 cm should be scanned with a resolution of 400 dpi and saved in jpg format (highest quality). Slides or negatives 24x36 mm cm should be scanned with a resolution of 1200 dpi and saved in jpg format (highest quality).

NEW MATERIAL-MOVIE and SOUNDTRACKS: The School is also interested to get additional movies and sound tracks on 'Surveying at UNSW'. Movies can be submitted on VHS video tape or in digital format. The preferred digital formats are QuickTime (.mov) and MPEG-4 (.mp4) (on data CD or data DVD disks (DVD-ROM disks). DVD-R or DVD+R disks (in dvd format) are fine, too. Sound tracks can be submitted on vinyl records, cassette tape and in digital form (in MPEG-3 (.mp3) or AIFF format, on data CD or Audio CD).

In all cases, give us your name and address (so that we can return negatives/positives/disks/tapes) and give us the date and a description of the contents of each photo and/or movie clip. The name of the person providing the material will be mentioned in the captions. Please do not submit pictures and movies that you do not wish to have in the public domain.

Please send all correspondence to:

Fax: +61-2-9385-6139
Email: cven.enquiries@unsw.edu.au (add: 'For Pictorial History - Surveying at UNSW' in subject field)

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