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The web based Campus recovery sketch catalogue is a tool that has been created for the benefit of the staff and students of UNSW. The recovery sketches print one mark per page, so that all the information required for a mark can be found on one single page. There are many ways to search for a mark, namely by type, number and section of the university. In addition, there is a graphics version. The UNSW map has six sections that, once clicked, enlarge to a bigger scale. On the large-scale section maps all marks are shown and can be selected by clicking. The information that is shown on the recovery sketches is the type of mark (the material of the mark), a photo, a sketch, also the location and a brief history, if any. Each page has functions ('buttons') that allow toggling from mark to mark by using the selectable word 'last' and 'next'. Also, on some pages, there is a 'historical photo' and a 'larger sketch' that can be selected by clicking.


TEXT Version:
This version was created for computers with a slow internet connection, so that the searching for a mark doesn't require to open any images besides the recovery sketch. It is based on tables that make it easy to search for a mark if the point name is known.

There are three data sets to pick from:

Scroll through the data and click on the name of the point required; the RECOVERY SKETCH will be loaded. Use 'BACK' button on your browser to return to the data set of interest so that further points can be selected.


MAP Version:
This version was created for computers with a fast internet connection, so that the search for the mark can be done on maps. Selecting a point by clicking opens the corresponding recovery sketch page. The maps give the user the capability to pick marks in a certain location.

Section Maps:
The first map that appears is a small scale map of the UNSW "Whole Campus" that has six sections on it. These can be selected by pointing to any point of a section, and clicking it. The second map that then appears is a larger scale map of the section that was chosen. All the points on that map are selectable by clicking on them. Clicking loads the corresponding recovery sketch page.

Downloading of the UNSW Campus Network Map:
A small-scale map of UNSW's Kensington Campus is downloadable in Colour and Black & White. To do so, go to the "Whole Campus" page and then to the bottom of the page, where
UNSW High Quality Images (COLOUR, B&W), can be found.
The image CAN NOT be printed directly from the internet browers; it must be saved first and then opened and printed from a graphics program that can reduce the image to fit to page.


These pages were created so that they can be printed on one A4 page per page.
Browser must be set to 96 dpi screen resolution. If using an older version of browser with a 72 dpi screen resolution, set the print scale to 76%.
Most of the pages have a brief summary of the mark, a photo and a sketch. There are some 'buttons'
on the pages that give the user some control.

Buttons :


There are 27 marks off the UNSW Kensington Campus. These can be found in the sorted data sets and feature a 'OC' abbreviation. Some off Campus marks are found on the section maps and through using the function 'OFF CAMPUS' on the "Whole Campus" page.



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