List of Monographs (Textbooks and Conference Proceedings)

M-00. P. V. Angus-Leppan (ed), "Control for Mapping by Geodetic and Photogrammetric Methods", 329 pp, 22-24 May 1967, ('UNISURV Rep. 7', no ISBN) includes papers by G. Konecny, M. T. Noonan, Z. Zvirgzdins, E. Chambers, F. H. Edwards, K. Leppert, P. R Seidel, J. D. Lines, W. Child, E. U. Anderson, A. G. Bomfoprd, J. S. Allman, S. Bervoets, W. A. G. Mueller, J. W. S. Linton & A. Apsenieks, D. R. Hocking (download proceedings in PDF format, 20.4 Mb)

M-0. P. V. Angus-Leppan (Ed.) "REF-EDM - Conference on Refraction Effects in Geodesy & Conference on Electronic Distance Measurement", 246 pp, 5 - 8 November 1968, Sydney (no ISBN) (download complete proceedings in PDF format, 68.7 Mb) Please note that the figures and photos in the proceedings are only printed on one side of the paper. A large number of even numbered pages are therefore black. These blank pages were removed in the session-by-session files (see below) but not in the file with the complete document (see above).

(download conference program only, in PDF format, 0.36 Mb)

(download Papers 1-4 [by E.K. Webb, C.E. Coulman, J. C. Owens, G.W. McQuistan] only, in PDF format, 12.2 Mb)

(download Papers 5-7 [by M.S. Brown, P.V. Angus-Leppan, S.H. Laurila] only, in PDF format, 11.9 Mb)

(download Papers 8-9 [by J.C. Owens, C.G. Lehr et al.] only, in PDF format, 8.5 Mb)

(download Papers 10-13 [by P. Berthon-Jones, K.D. Froome & R.H. Bradsell, H. Edvardsson, G. Strassser] only, in PDF format, 11.7 Mb)

(download Papers 14-18 [by A.J. Robinson, A. Cioni & L. Mezzani, O.G. Bobroff, S.A. Yaskowich, I.R. Brook] only, in PDF format, 14.5 Mb)

(download Papers 19-20 [by G.W. McQuistan, L.G. Turner] only, in PDF format, 4.5 Mb)

M-1. R. S. Mather, "The Theory and Geodetic Use of some Common Projections", (3rd edition), 125 pp, reprint 1998, ISBN 0-85839-007-8 (download 1987 reprint in PDF format, 4.2 Mb)

M-2. R. S. Mather, "The Analysis of the Earth's Gravity Field", 172 pp, 1971 (no ISBN) (download monograph in PDF format, 5.2 Mb)

M-3. G. G. Bennett, "Tables for Prediction of Daylight Stars", 24 pp, 1974, ISBN 0-85839-017-5 (download monograph in PDF format, 1.9 Mb)

M-4. G. G. Bennett, J. G. Freislich & M. Maughan, "Star Prediction Tables for the Fixing of Position", 200 pp, 1974, ISBN 0-85839-018-3 (download monograph in PDF format, 9.52 Mb)

M-5. M. Maughan, "Survey Computations", 98 pp, 1975, ISBN 0-85839-019-1 (download monograph in PDF format, 2.9 Mb)

M-6. M. Maughan, "Adjustment of Observations by Least Squares", 61 pp, 1975, ISBN 0-85839-021-3 (download monograph in PDF format, 1.6 Mb)

M-7. J. M. Rüeger, "Introduction to Electronic Distance Measurement", 2nd edition, 5th imp., 140 pp, 1988, ISBN 0-85839-027-2 (download monograph in PDF format, 5.1 Mb) The fully revised and extended third and fourth editions of this text were published as follows: J. M. Rüeger, 1990. Electronic Distance Measurement - An Introduction. Third Totally Revised Edition. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, xvii+266 pages and J. M. Rüeger, 1996. Electronic Distance Measurement - An Introduction. Fourth corrected edition. Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg-New York, xix+276 pages .

M-8. A. H. W. Kearsley, "Geodetic Surveying", 96 pp, revised reprint 1988, ISBN 0-85839-036-1 (download 1983 edition in PDF format, 4.2 Mb)

M-9. R. W. King, E. G. Masters, C. Rizos, A. Stolz, J. Collins, "Surveying with GPS", 128 pp, 1985, ISBN 0-85839-042-6 . This book was later published in 1987 by the Ferdinand Dümmlers Verlag, Bonn, Germany. (download monograph in PDF format, 5.2 Mb)

M-10. W. Faig, "Aerial Triangulation and Digital Mapping", 102 pp, 1986, ISBN 0-85839-043-4 (download monograph in PDF format, 4.7 Mb)

M-11. W. F. Caspary, "Concepts of Network and Deformation Analysis", 183 pp, 3rd corrected impression, 2000, old ISBN 0-85839-044-2, new ISBN 978-0-85839-044-7 (download monograph in PDF format, 8.6 Mb)

M-12. F. K. Brunner, "Atmospheric Effects on Geodetic Space Measurements", 110 pp, 1988, ISBN 0-85839-048-5 (download monograph in PDF format, 4.1 Mb)

M-13. B. R. Harvey, "Practical Least Squares and Statistics for Surveyors", (3rd revised and extended edition), 341 pp, reprinted with corrections 2009, old ISBN 0-7334-2339-6, new ISBN 978-0-7334-2339-0 (Please contact the author ( for access to print or PDF copies of this monograph.)

M-14. E. G. Masters and J. R. Pollard (Eds.), "Land Information Management", Proceedings of Conference on Land Information Management, 10-11 July 1991, Sydney. Australia, 269 pp, 1991, ISBN 0-85839-061-2, includes papers by P. & P. Angus-Leppan (Coordinate Systems for LIS p. 1), K. Bell & D. Puniard (Digital Data for Land/Geographic Information Systems: Off-the-Shelf or Do-it-yourself? p. 13), G. Benwell et al. (Synthesising Semantic Data Models and Structured Process Descriptions for Spatial Information Systems Design p. 25), C. Borough & D. Lewis (Practical Applications of the Software Package MAPINFO to Link Maps and Database for Forest Management p. 43), K. Bullock (Confronting the Technical Issues of LIS p. 49), K. Chesher & P. Laybutt (Geographic Information Systems: Miracle or Mirage? Costs and Benefits of Geographic Information Systems in Local Government p. 63), K. Davies & K. Lyons (Micro-Economic Reform, Land Administration and Land Information Management p. 87), S. Day (Towards a National Perspective for Land Information Management - Some Important Issues p. 97), M. Elfick (Management of Cadastral Data in a Land Information System p. 107), T. Hart (Land Information Management: The Institutional Issues p. 115), C. Hoogsteden & I. Williamson (Determining the Willingness-to-Pay (Value) for Land Information: Concepts, Conflicts, Suppositions and Strategies p. 125), I. Lloyd & T. Burns (Implementation Issues and Results in the First Six Years of the Thailand Land Titling Project p. 143), J. McLaughlin (National Spatial Data Infrastructures: The Next LIM Challenge p. 159), J. McLaughlin & S. L. Rapatz (Economics of land Information Management p. 167), J. Mildrum (Piloting an In-house Training Program in land Information Management p. 179), T. Ryan & E. Masters (Quality Issues in Land Information Management p. 189), G. Smith (Development and implementation of Spatial/Aspatial Databases at the NSW Land Titles Office p. 199), J. Smith (Database Management - Vision of the Future p. 211), R. Starling & F. Dungca (Guam Addresses On-line Transaction Processing in a Land Information System - Titles, Permit Tracking and Taxation p. 227), G. Williams (Managing Large Databases for Business p. 229), I. Williamson (Land Information Management in Urban Areas p. 235), P. Zwart et al. (Applying High-Speed Communications Technology to Spatial Information Systems: Addressing Management Concerns p. 249), P. Zwart (Education and Training for Land Information Management - Its Changing Future p. 259) (download proceedings in PDF format, 15.5 Mb)

M-15/1. E. G. Masters and J. R. Pollard (Eds.), "Land Information Management -Geographic Information Systems - Advanced Remote Sensing", Proceedings of Conferences on Land Information Management & Geographical Information Systems and Advanced Remote Sensing (Coming of Age - 21 Years after LANDSAT), 19-23 July 1993, Sydney, Australia, Vol. 1, 295 pp, 1993, ISBN 0-85939-064-7, includes papers by A. Alimohammadi & B. J. Turner (Class Stability Analysis in a GIS Environment: A Promising Approach for Evaluation of Thematic Mapping from Remotely Sensed Data p. 1), B. A. Bennet et al. (Special Characteristics in the 1.3 to 2.5 Micrometre Range of Saline Areas and their Implications for Monitoring Techniques p. 21), N. A. Campbell (Towards more Quantitative Extraction of Information from Remotely Sensed Data p. 29), D. Crawford (Assessment of Landscape Visual Quality Indicators using Remotely Sensed Data p. 41), J. C. Curlander & D. Knopp (Interferometric SAR for Terrain Mapping p. 55), P. J. Curran (An Introduction to Imaging Spectroscopy p. 75), S. Domenikiotis et al. (Automated Interpretation of Digital Remote Sensing Imagery p. 95), A. D. Finnigan & G. P. Ellis (Reflections on a Research Programme Studying Remote Sensing Technology Transfer in Australia p. 105), A, Finegan & N. Rollings (The Benefit of Remote Sensing, Can it be Quantified? p. 115), D. Fraser (Artificial Neural Networks: Are they the Promise of the Future in Pattern Recognition and Classification? p. 123), T. G. Freeman & M. Abbasi-Dezfouli (Algorithms for Determining Terrain Height from Spot Satellite Stereo Images p. 133), R. D. Hewson (Special Characteristics in the 1.3 to 2.5 Micrometre Range of Soils, Rocks and Vegetation around Mineralised Deposits at Parkes NSW and their Implications for Remote Sensing Techniques p. 147), J. J. Kettle (Cart Learns faster than Knowledge Seeker p. 161), G. Luker et al. (Coastal Zone Management: Present and Future Use of LANDSAT at the Centre for Coastal Management UNENR p. 173), C. McMaster (Australian Remote Sensing - Where to now? p. 185), A. Mah et al. (Dielectric Properties of Salinised Soils and their Implications for the Possible Use of Radar to Map and Monitor such Soils p. 195), A. K. Milne (Two Decades of Applications: Practice and Prospect p. 213), E. Papp et al. (Spectral Classification of Radiometric Data using an Information Theory Approach p. 223), S. Pathirana (The Problem of Error in the Classified Products of Remotely Sensed Data p. 233), R. A. Preston & R. G. Buck (Improved Land Cover Mapping from LANDSAT TM by Classifying Image Segments using Decision Trees and Expert Knowledge p. 255), D. J. Puniard & J. Weissel (The Remote Sensing Marketplace - Some History, the Current Realities and the Future p. 271), J. A Richards (Digital Image Processing in Remote Sensing: Recent Advances and Future Trends p. 291), K. Ritman ( Basincare - Mapping Vegetation in the Murray Darling Basin with LANDSAT TM p. 299), V. K. Shettigara & G. M. Summerling (Height Determination of Extended Objects using Shadows in Spot Images p. 311), A. K. Skidmore et al. (Artificial Intelligence Applications in Remote Sensing and GIS p. 325), J. C. Trinder & B. E. Donnelly (Tests on DEM Software for Spot Images p. 341), P. K. Vinayan et al. (The Integration of Vector and Raster Based Remotely Sensed Data for Geological Exploration p. 349), W. Wan (Clustering and Classification of Remotely Sensed Imagery by Self-Organising Neural Networks and Associative Memory p. 359), A. Wyllie & H. Houghton ( Remote Sensing within Western Australia p. 365) (download proceedings in PDF format, 24.1 Mb)

M-15/2. E. G. Masters and J. R. Pollard (Eds.), "Land Information Management -Geographic Information Systems - Advance Remote Sensing", Proceedings of Conferences on Land Information Management & Geographical Information Systems and Advanced Remote Sensing (Coming of Age - 21 Years after LANDSAT), 19-23 July 1993, Sydney, Australia, Vol. 2, 376 pp, 1993, ISBN 0-85839-065-5, includes papers by M. Avery et al;. (GIS Applications in the Transport Industry p. 1), G. Baitch & L. Pilgrim (Land Information Systems at the Land Information Centre p. 13), N. Bantanyan & I. Bishop (An Approach to Combine Fuzziness with a Physical Model for Landuse Planning using GIS p. 23), J. Blackburn (Information-Oriented Business p. 31), P. A. Burrough (Practical and Philosophical Aspects of Environmental; Modelling with GIS p. 43), M. S. Causeley & A. K. Skidmore (Line Intersect Sampling for Map Accuracy Assessment p. 61), G. Dominguez (Data Quality Assurance and Control: A Producer Point of View p. 75), P. W. Eklund & A. Salim (An Experiment with Automated Acquisition of Classification Heuristics from GIS p. 83), D. Grant (Provision and Management of Spatial Data in New South Wales p. 95), R,. Hill (MOSAIX - A Spatial Data Integrator p. 111), J. Hindle (Cartographic 3-D Fly Around Terrain Model, Mount Canobalas, New South Wales p. 129), G. Jeffress (Oil Spill Management using GIS p. 135), S. D. Kirby & F. Kurzel (Managing Dryland Salinisation with an Integrated GIS/ES System p. 143), E. G. Masters et al. ( GPS for GIS p. 157), I. Musto (Natural Resource Management p. 165), R. Preston & S. J. Kettle (Land Cover Mapping using Decision Trees and Grass p. 179), D. Rhind (What next for National mapping Agencies? p. 187), N. S. Smith & D. W. Rhind (Defining the Quality of Spatial Data: A Discussion Document p. 199), A. Rogers (Error Handling in Geographical Information Systems p. 20-9), M. Ryan et al. (Flood Mapping using GPS p. 221), T. Ryan (Leveraging the Benefits of GIS as a Corporate Information System p. 227), R. E Smith & P. A. Walker (Accounting for the Costs of Agricultural Production p. 237), A. K. Taib & J. C. Trinder (Feature Extraction and Recognition System for GIS p. 253), T. T. Ton & J. A. Black (Geographical Information Systems and Land Use/Transport Interaction Models: Towards System Integration p. 263), Q. Zhou & A. H. Evans (Towards a Multimedia Distributed Spatial Information System p. 277), Q. Zhou (The Integration of GIS and Remote Sensing in Regional Economic Planning p. 287) (download proceedings in PDF format, 21.2 Mb)

M-16. A. Stolz, "An Introduction to Geodesy", 2nd extended edition, 148 pp, 2001, old ISBN 0-7334-1736-1, new ISBN 978-0-7334-1736-8 (download monograph in PDF format, 5.7 Mb)

M-17. C. Rizos, "Principles and Practice of GPS Surveying", 565 pp, 1997, ISBN 0-85839-071-X (download monograph in PDF format, 31.1 Mb)

M-18. J. M. Rüeger, "Electronic Surveying Instruments - A Review of Principles, Problems and Procedures", 1st ed., 166 pp, reprinted with corrections 2010, old ISBN 0-7334-2083-4, new ISBN 978-0-7334-2083-2 (download monograph in PDF format, 46.3 Mb)


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